New York City art tours by New York artist, Jami Taback

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ART IS EVERYWHERE...not only the great museums and important galleries, but on the sidewalks, walls and windows of the city, in the parks, even the subways and railroad terminals...painted, drawn, performed. In her TalkArt tours, Jami Taback opens eyes and minds to the human potential for expression and creativity in all of its rich and varied forms.

The traditional art experience:
  • Current exhibits in museums & galleries
  • Studio visits with artists
  • Historical and architectural walking tours of NYC
  • Day trips to Philadelphia, Boston, Hudson Valley and Eastern Long Island
Off the beaten path, the outer edges of artistic expression:
  • Alternative Art
  • Pavement Art "Skreevers"
  • Video, Film
  • Graffiti Art
  • Restoration & Conservation art
  • Hands-on experiences

" I grew up in the serenity and orderliness of Long Island. Day visits to New York City opened up a window into a whole new world of excitement. A plethora of museums, galleries, cultural events and swirling images touched the center of my creative being. My love affair with NYC continues to grow stronger. After decades of exploring and re-exploring the frenzied and constantly changing cosmopolitan canvas inhabited by the planet's most vital artists, it is my pleasure to bring this world to you."

Looking and listening to what art has to say is a skill everyone can learn. In her TalkArt tours, Jami Taback induces an understanding, not only of the art on display, but also of the artmaker's life experience that impacts upon the final work. She has the innate ability to address the full scope of emotional, psychological, and socio-political contexts in a way that each and every tourgoer, regardless of background, is able to empathize with the art and artefacts. Perhaps this is why her TalkArt family returns for her NYC cultural heritage tours time after time.

Travel to sites is provided
in comfort & safety in a
deluxe motor coach with a public
address system, VCR and lavatory.





"Dear Jami,
I have learned from you that looking at art can be fun. You have removed much of the mystique that surrounds art and I can now approach a work of art without the intimidation that I once felt."

"Dear Jami,
You have taught me that the same spark which ignited the great masters exists in the sidewalk chalk artist. Perhaps it exists in ME."

"Dear Jami,
Museums and art gallery visits are always appreciated, but the best days for me are those spent visiting artists in their homes. Jami has a unique ability to find these artists and convince them to share their lives with us. I think it is important to know the artists' surroundings in order to better understand their work. Visiting with an artist in his or her home/studio and sometimes watching the artist work is somehow more satisfying than seeing the work on display in a museum or gallery."

"Dear Jami,
Even on the way from a gallery to a little bistro for lunch, you point out the architectural detail that I have been passing right by for years!"

"Jami's credentials as art historian, painter/printmaker give her the knowledge to talk about art, but those titles don't begin to describe her personality. Just let me say that she is beloved by a busful of art enthusiasts. We all know that a day with Jami is a day well spent."

"My wife and I will always be grateful for the extraordinary tour we experienced with you, of The World Trade Towers, in August 2001. Everything that has happened since September 11th is much more meaningful and we owe that to you because of the way you easily conveyed your excitement as well as the interesting stories about Downtown Manhattan. We will never forget our trip to New York City.Thank-you!

Mentioned in;
The New York Times
The Long Island Herald
and Time Out
and seen on;
Sunday Morning with David Osgood


Jami Taback
Talk Art, Inc.
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