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Jami Taback, visual artist
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The freedom of having several printmaking techniques at my fingertips allows me to incorporate more ideas into one image. It's a natural progression to want to layer color, shape and technique to my expression. Lines are boundaries visible and invisible.
Book Arts and Letterpress
I create these books to further tell the stories of my personal art adventures in printmaking experienced through the media of books. As a younger person, when needing information on a subject, I was told to “Look it up in the dictionary; go to the library and read a book about it”. This was the way to find something out-researching a subject fully was the way to learn.
Solar Plate Etchings
Letterpress prints with movement and an echoing of typeface more in tune with my personal ‘Visual Vocabulary.’ Pushing the limits of imagery enabled me to discover this syncopated whizzing jazz filled space resulting in the ongoing body of work I am exploring.
Wine Label Designs
Winemakers: I can translate your wishes into an attractive label that meets your requirements and gives your wine the appeal it deserves. The particular experience that goes with individual wines is largely determined by the appeal of the label. A great label design is the basis for translating the right kind of feeling to consumers.
Storm Pattern: Global Warming
In this work I am playing with the horizon line and arc of our planet earth. The horizon is further away and more difficult to reach. It seems to sway and blur in the distance, dancing. Vigorous pencil and flashing lights of color convey movement and depth to the spectator.
Storm Warning
Through my art, I have been exploring atmospheric events and weather-related phenomena for close to 10 years. It began with an intense interest in lightning storms where an exhilarating body of works on paper developed. The recent activity around Queens, New York was not only a new experience for me - but it swept me up and sort of abruptly stole me away from any other idea I could ever have come up with.
This body of work represents some of the visual beauty experienced while visiting major cities around the world. I have been interested in fireworks displays and the excitement of the colors and spectacles taking place at these many festivals. The sheer delight at these illuminations in the black sky, and these wonderful explosions of colors provide endless wonder for me.

In the following works on paper consisting of Collage with Encaustics and Resins, I am traveling back in my imagination to the time when questions of other civilizations plagued my mind-and dreams of other worldly beings brought fear to my inner spirit.

Tug of War
In the series of seven monoprints titled, Tug of War, I search for answers to a war, which embodies my religious and spiritual upbringing as a young Jewish woman living in New York in the 1950’s, to present day. While the war in Vietnam influenced my youth, conflicts in the Middle East defined my life.
World Trade Center
Ever since I can remember, I have been happiest while drawing and painting. Exploring shapes, positioning them with the magic of color and line, has been an obsession of mine for a long time. My excitement builds when the sights and sounds of the streets of New York City come into play.
More recently, new images have entered my visual vocabulary. Recurrent dreams have filled my sleep forcing their way into my daily work. They are dreamy, yet familiar. The empyrean experience is explored further with the introduction of otherworldly people into the image.

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Jami Taback
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