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Jami Taback, visual artist
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Being a Printmaker for 35 years, I am always finding infinite pleasure in the myriad of techniques available in order to incise an image into a plate for print. At some point, I decide to permanently galvanize a particular image into a copper plate-so that I can print an edition of one image over and over again. Here are a few of those images, brandished and burnished into copper, in editions of 25, all printed personally, by Jami Taback.

Anyone who has watched gallery crowds will have noticed that viewers of prints invariably step up close to savor the details, textures, the quality of ink and paper, and the skill and dexterity of the printmaker.

The intimacy between the printmaker and her medium demands a similar rapport on the part of the viewer. The artist is closely engaged with her material, plate, block, or stone. Bent over the press, alone, she experiences the excitement of producing her first proof or an edition of finished prints.

Cosmic Oasis
Cosmic Interlude
Star Gazers
Shadow Boxers 2
Flowers of Fire
Our Lady of Mercy


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Jami Taback
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